“Follow Your Passion”

What is your passion? What is it in your heart that you truly want to do? Do you have a dream rather it’s a change in career, owning a business, finding your soul-mate, using your hidden talent or gift you’ve been hiding from the world because you thought to yourself “only in your wildest dreams” or because you fear you don’t have the time or financial support or others may judge you. Do it! What’s stopping you!.. Only you. Remember you are your greatest enemy. William Shakespeare once said,

“Our doubts are our traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”

These are very wise words. So, trust and follow what your heart tells you, if your passionate about something follow through with it and know that there is a divine support system on your side guiding you all the way. When you walk with faith heaven will open many doors and pour upon you many blessings.

As long as you have the will, there is a way,
Reginald Lewis

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